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Growfinn provides a great platform for individuals to learn, grow, express and experiment. During work, individuals will have the opportunity to work with some brilliant minds and receive thorough training and hands-on knowledge. Here, the learning curve is steep and opportunities infinite.

What an employee needs?

A platform to learn
A platform to grow
A platform to express

Growfinn is a 10 year old organisation, established in 2008.

When it comes to Growfinn, it is not just Wealth management but it is all about creating a Prosperity for our clients. Every client is different and so his needs and aspirations. We welcome the diversity and recognise it as a source of innovation. We work smart to create simple solutions to the complex problems

At Growfinn, everyone gets a platform to Learn, To Grow, To Express, to Experiment.

We are always in a search of passionate people who are open to learn and adapt.

Growfinn as a growing company offers a great platform.

As we offer large number of services and product, you will get to learn and excel quickly, which is unmatched by large financial institutions.

We believe in holistic development of every employee of ours, therefore we provide clear cut growth path to every employee. We provide thorough product training directly by industry experts of their respective fields. Our endeavour is to provide the not only the theoretical but the practical knowledge about every product which will help you progress. In your job quickly. You get to meet the best of the fund managers during the course of your work.

As you will be managing the client relationships, soft skills development is an integral part of our work.

We understand the importance of technology and therefore we have invested heavily in the software and applications which are at par with the industry standards

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